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How To Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request

How To Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram (iPhone/Android)

In this article we will show you how To Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request on Instagram (iPhone/Android).This is the latest fix you can follow in 2019 and 2020.So when you try to login to instagram and on the home screen of your iPhone/Android a messages pop-up Sorry there was a problem with your request so now you don’t have to worry we are here to fix that problem for you.You can also read How to Use Threads for Instagram.

So you’re having some trouble logging in to your Instagram and it’s not opening, you have that fire selfie hilarious meme or as selfie that you’re ready to post but you can’t even get into your own account. Well in this article I will tell you the different ways to bypass this problem and log into your account.

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How To Fix Sorry there was a problem with your request

Now you’re having some trouble logging into your own Instagram account and you may even see this when trying to log in now before we talk about the different methods to get into your Instagram let’s make sure that you are actually typing in the correct and right information in a lot of times I see people complaining about Instagram and they’re logged in but in reality it’s actually them typing in the wrong password or the wrong email address.So before we get started just make sure you’re doing that correctly.

After you get that figured out the next thing that you should do is to try to log into your Instagram from another device such as someone else’s cell phone or your computer this will actually allow you to discover if the problem is actually in your cell phone or involved with your actual Instagram account.Alright so you make sure that you type in the correct information and now you know that it’s not your cell phone and answer actual Instagram account but you still can’t get in well the first option is just to wait because there’s a slight chance that Instagram servers are actually unavailable.

Method.1-Reinstall Instagram Application:

The First option is to reinstall the Instagram app, delete the application from your cell phone and then turn your cell phone completely off then turn it back on and try to reinstall the application and then after that attempt to log into your Instagram account and see if it works.

Method.2-Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

The next thing you should try to do is to temporarily disable your Instagram account.This is actually one of easiest ways to get rid of the “sorry there was a problem with your request message”, just disable your Instagram account for a few hours and to do this follow below listed steps.

  1. Log in from a computer or a laptop.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click edit profile.
  4. Then search for temporarily disable my account ,write down any reason you want.

Then try to log into your Instagram from your cell phone in around two hours. I would actually recommend waiting for hours but what the hell are you gonna do without Instagram for a whole four hours so two hours minimum but recommended is four hours ,so as of now the problem should be fixed.

Method.3-Factory reset your cell phone

If you still can’t get into your own account we might have to go into more extreme precautions, and the next thing that I would actually recommend for you to do is actually factory reset your cell phone.Now I personally have always hated doing this because I always lose my my selfies, but some people actually reported that this work for them and this really depends on the type of cell phone that you have if you have.

For iPhone users (Factory Reset)

Now if are seeing sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram on iPhone then you have to follow below listed steps to factory reset it.

  1. From the home screen of your iPhone go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Then click on Reset.
  4. Then select erase all content and settings.
  5. Continue through all the warnings and then select erase iPhone.

From Samsung (Android) Users

Now if you have this error “sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram on Android” then follow below listed steps in order to fix it.

If you have a Samsung it really depends on what operating system and device that you have but to factory reset your cell phone it’s always gonna be in the settings look for one of three options general management, backup and reset or privacy, depending on your Samsung model click factory data reset and you’re good to go.

Method.4-Verify your Instagram Account via Instagram help center

The last option to try if nothing that I mentioned previously works then you have to go to the instagrams Help Center and verify your account .

  1. Go to the Instagram application.
  2. Select get help signing in.
  3. In the access your account option, select send an SMS.
  4. Enter your cell phone number to receive a reset password link to your cell phone.
  5. Then click reset link.
  6. Then open up your browser .
  7. Then resetting your password, enter the six digits of QB code.
  8. Click verify your account.

Congratulations you should be set to log in to your Instagram account from the mobile application. Now I hope this tutorial actually helped you log in to your Instagram successfully.Now if you have any problem related to then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.There are some of the most popular Tutorials on howtofixed.com have a look.

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