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How To Fix Action Blocked on Instagram

Did you got a message “This action was blocked.Please try again later.We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community.Tell us if you think we made a mistake.In this Tutorial I’m gonna share with you the BEST actionable steps on How To Fix Action Blocked on Instagram and restore your account back to normal.To Remove action blocked on Instagram follow below listed methods.

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So many people ask me if the Instagram action block is the dreaded shadow band, and my answer is probably not .Sometimes it can allude to you being flagged in the algorithm for activities that Instagram does not condone.Most of the time it just means that you may be violated a term of service on Instagram or they think that you were bought it really comes down to Instagram thinking that your producing spammy activity.So read this tutorial to know how to unblock action blocked on Instagram fast.

Why Instagram Blocked Action Happens?

Instagram action block happens when you like too many photos in a row in a really short period of time or comment too many times, follow too many people or UN-follow too many people and what’s funny is it’s not always completely accurate like it doesn’t just identify by our spam behavior it also identifies real behavior from you as a user.For example sometimes when I go through my feed, and I’m responding to all of my comments I might respond to 50 to 70 comments in an hour and Instagram will send me that action block occasionally.

Now Instagram learns about your behavior so if you typically tend to do several comments per hour per day it will take that into the consideration and give you more of a larger threshold for your maximum before blocks your account, if you do not comment daily and then one day you do like 250 comments in two hours you’re probably going to encounter a block or if you do that two days in a row is this making sense so it is flexible it’s not a legitimate shadow ban although if you get many action blocks over a repetitive short period of time you could be theoretically largely flagged in the algorithm which would decrease your reach and your potential engagement in the future.

 Why does Instagram block an account ?

Following can be the reasons as if any account is creating useless information, useless content , bothering other users , bullying or is any other fake account so, limiting such actions for a user is necessary (e.g :- liking , commenting , following , sending DMs).

So one needs to avoid too many activities that may bother others or create any sort of violation. So these particular reasons explains why does Instagram block an account. Sometimes one small reason can cause to block an account with even letting you know the reason.

How To Avoid Action Blocked On Instagram?

Have enough posts on instagram :-
Its when you create an account and don’t upload much of stuff , doesn’t like posts , make comments then instagram bans you from commenting or liking any other post and consider your account as FAKE !!! so you better post often !!

Complete your account info :-
If you don’t complete your Instagram bio , info , profile etc , your account will be considered FAKE ! in order to make your account unblock , you need to complete that information .

Don’t post too much in a time :-
Posting too much at the same time might be one of the reason to make your account block.

 Don’t like too many posts at a time :-
Liking too many other Instagram posts may also get your account blocked. One is allowed to like 350 posts and videos in one hour.

 Following too many accounts :-
Don’t follow more than 20 people in an hour , also notice that you can follow maximum of 7500 people. Do keep this in mind as following too many accounts may block your Instagram.
Repetitive Content :-
Repeating posts , emoji and comments, for this , you might get an Instagram block action for a week or two.

Don’t mention other users too many times :-
As this is the matter of repetition and excessive use , so repeating the same person when mentioned in comments. This can be one of the reason for Instagram block action.

Use Instagram bots properly :-
There are bots that follow other users , like their posts and leave comments on behalf of your account, for example , one of these bots is Instagram bot for increasing the number of followers.
For example:- 15 or 20 likes are okay !!!!!!!!!!

Pay attention to Instagram rules :-
Obviously you have to follow rules to avoid any blockage.


Action Blocked on Instagram Is Temporary?

The good news is that these action blocks are temporary they aren’t permanent so don’t worry too much, I actually wouldn’t worry at all because these are totally normal now before the record Instagram has been updating their app tremendously ,if there have been a lot of Instagram updates as of June of this year 2019 ,they’ve really locked down on any spammy activity and then the activities produced by third-party apps or even potentially BOTS. So I definitely wouldn’t engage in anything like that moving forward the algorithm has gotten much more strict about how many actions you can take in a short amount of time ,so actions are likes comments, follows, unfollow things like that.

How Long Instagram action Blocked Will last?

So you may be thinking how long will this action blocked on Instagram will last.In the past the blocks used to last about 24 to 48 hours even up to 72 hours, as of this June Instagram algorithm update some blocks are being released after 48 hours, but many of them were continuing through 2 to 3 weeks even up to 4 weeks.

Should you worry?

if you keep receiving this temporary block notification, don’t panic even if it lasts a long time and by long I mean it can last up to a month that’s OK I have some tips for you to actually be able to resolve Instagram action blocked error so that Instagram can see that you are not spam, that you are not a bot and that you are looking to engage with people on the platform without further ado let’s get into the tips so that you can remove your action block and show Instagram that you are a real amazing community.

 Tips on How To Fix Action Blocked on Instagram

So below are some of the methods on how to get rid of action blocked on Instagram.Follow all these tips to get rid of Action blocked on Instagram.

 Do not perform that action.

Tip number one is to not perform the action that you are being blocked from Instagram for at least 48 hours. when your account is blocked from following ,liking or commenting on photos and you continue to perform those actions even if it’s just leaving one or two comments or liking one or two people you actually can trigger the algorithm and Instagram app.To reinstate the block for additional time so what you want to do is just not touch what whatever thing it was, if it was the likes that set it off for you or these follows just don’t follow anyone for the next 48 to 72 hours or around them.Then you can try again and see if the block has lifted but don’t go crazy don’t go following and liking a bunch of posts to see whether or not it’s come through or if it’s broken still or whatever it is just refrain from doing the activity that Instagram has said they’ve blocked you from.

Select the Tell us button

Tip number 2 is to select the tell us button.when you receive the block on Instagram this may seem obvious but when you select that little button it alerts to Instagram that you are a real active user it tells them to go inspect your account to see your actions to see that you are a real person and it will actually help your account have the block removed a little bit more rapidly.

Post Daily In Feed

Tip number 3 is to post daily in your feed and in your stories.Instagram thinks that you’re not an active user that’s why they sent you the action block, they think that you’re performing spam-like behavior so the first thing you want to do is show Instagram that you’re active and if you are active don’t worry about it just keep doing these things you want to be posting in your gallery feed about daily and you want to start posting stories.I would say at least 3 to 6 snaps per day, so that you’re showing Instagram that you are literally using the app in the way that it is supposed to be used.This will help remove the block on your account.

Be a more active user in Instagram

Tip number 4 is to be a more active user in Instagram.The reason why you’ve received this block is because you have either violated Community Guidelines or there’s something about the way that you’re acting with your account that doesn’t look like a typical user so here’s what I recommend go into your app and watch stories every day.Now if you don’t actually want to sit and watch stories play the first story set your phone down don’t click it off and it actually will rotate through all the most recent stories.

Go into your DMS you want a DM your friends, DM your followers that you know will DM you back.That’s gonna start showing Instagram that you are more active because people will be responding to your content if you haven’t been blocked from commenting.

I would go into people’s accounts and begin commenting in their feeds to receive more comments back.Again part of you being active is not just you using the app but it’s also people responding to you it’s showing that community element Instagram really wants to build a community because that’s what keeps people on the platform longer watching their content absorbing advertisements .So you want to be as active as possible which is really going to include posting stories, watching stories ,sending DMS, responding to DM, responding to stories.

Reconnect your Facebook account

Tip number five is to reconnect your Facebook account with your Instagram account.Now if you have a business account you should already be connected to Facebook, if you have a personal account you won’t be so what I do recommend for a scenario like this is signing up for a business account on Facebook and attaching your current profile to a Facebook page that you own.So that Facebook cues to Instagram that you are a real user and that you are definitely not a bot.This activity doesn’t work a hundred percent of the time but I have seen it work with some of my clients in the past to remove the block, so I do highly recommend it. Now if you do want a personal profile account on Instagram and not a business one you could always just switch back to the personal profile after the block is reinstated.

Promoting your Instagram feed posts

Tip number six is to begin promoting your feed posts using Instagram advertising tool it’s called promote or boosting .What you’re gonna want to do is just take three to ten dollars per post or per day whatever is more affordable for you and I highly recommend using their automatic targeting tool it’s actually really effective to find people just like your followers to show your content to. This will actually show that you’re more active user, it will show that you’re interested in Instagram advertising which actually somehow accuse you on Instagram side and the algorithm and in the app that you are a more active user and perhaps to let go with the block that is currently on your account .I have found that advertising in general using Instagram app and Instagram advertising tool has helped my account significantly not just gaining additional reach but also it tends to look like Instagram favors accounts that do advertise.

Delete Third Party Apps

Tip number seven is to delete any third party apps that you’re logged into using Instagram. Instagram has gotten very very strict over the last few months about third party apps.Third party apps are usually used to follow and follow math like auto DM, Auto comment and more. Instagram is cracking down on this behavior because it doesn’t facilitate community and it doesn’t make them look good, it doesn’t keep people on the platform there’s a lot of reasons why they don’t like it however if you are also logged in to other third-party apps that go through your stories or go through editing photos some that also help you schedule content if you have an action block it’s a really great idea to remove your log and access to all of those apps for now even though those aren’t bad app to have until your block is lifted and then you can log back into your scheduling software

That’s all for How To Fix Action Blocked on Instagram.  I’d love to hear which tips that you’re going to be taking and putting into action. if not all of them and if this worked for you and how quickly your block was lifted let me know down in the comment.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.

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