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macOS Catalina 10.15: Top Features & Changes for Mac

macOS Catalina 10.15: Top Features & Changes for Mac

This week apple launch it’s one of the biggest operation system that is macOS 10.15 Catalina.This is one of the most favourite update for the macOS Catalina lovers .In this article we will go in to deep and show you the top changes that apple made in macOS Catalina .In this article we’re gonna talk about some of the top changes and features to come to MacOS 10.15 Catalina leopard. I think you’ll agree that it’s a big update.Also download MacOS catalina to your Mac.

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macOS Catalina 10.15-Catalyst apps Feature

The first thing we want to talk about catalyst apps and these are applications previously iPad apps that have been migrated over to Mac OS.The theory behind this whole thing is that iPad developers will be able to check a single box in Xcode, and then magically that application will be ready to go in Mac OS.

In reality it doesn’t work that easily but there is a nice handful of applications that are already available and there will no doubt be many more coming down the pipeline, so I think this is a good thing to sort of reinvigorate or add some some new life to the Mac obviously iOS and to a lesser extent iPad OS has garnered the most attention, as far as Apple is concerned so this is in theory a good way to reinvigorate the Mac and get developers excited about bringing their applications that they’ve worked so hard on on the iPad to the Mac.

Now the the jury is still out as to whether or not this will actually prove to be successful whether developers will really jump on board and support this thing gung-ho .I’ve tried several catalyst apps and have mixed feelings about many of them but some of them are really good they show a lot of promise one such app is of course carrot weather ,which is beautifully designed reminds me a lot of the iPad experience, and it translates very well to the Mac.I think most of you guys will agree to that.Other apps that I’ve tried are sort of a mixed bag at this point but again it’s very very early in the game and I think we have to wait and see whether or not this will actually translate into something special what do you guys think what is your experience been like with catalyst apps thus far I’m interested to hear your experience your thoughts on iPad apps running on the Mac.


The other really big feature this year is of course sidecar and that is the ability to use an iPad as an external display.If you go to the airplay settings in the menu bar select your iPad it will automatically connect to your iPad wirelessly, it works wired as well ,but wirelessly and function as an external display for your Mac you can tell how incredibly useful this would be for a macbook pro owner.If you are in the situation like you’re traveling maybe you’re editing videos and Final Cut and you need an external display but obviously you’re traveling, you don’t have one well this solves that problem sidecar is the answer to your issues.

It works just like any normal external display and I just have to say that it is impressive and Final Cut was recently updated with sidecar support so that allows you to have timeline in  browser on macbook with the viewer on the external iPad pro which is great so that will gives you plenty of real estate, plenty of room to work with editing any video. And the cool thing is that sidecar is just another app running on your iPad so you can switch between applications you can even open up a slide over app , it’s just kind of mind-blowing.Honestly if you’re a traveler this is a game changer for sure everyone who owns a MacBook Pro will probably own an iPad pro if they’re trying to get work done on the go.

MacOS Catalina Sidecar

Continuity Markup and Sketch

But the awesomeness with an iPad companion doesn’t out there. There’s also continuity markup in sketch, so if you right-click on the desktop you can insert from iPad.You can also use your Apple pencil to draw within applications on your Mac using sidecar ,that too is awesome so if you like drawing with affinity photo you can really get the details with your Apple pencil back to your Mac.

MacOS Catalina continuity sketch and markup

Security and Privacy enhancements

Now there are several security and privacy enhancements to be found in Mac OS Catalina, In the privacy tab under the security and privacy preferences there are things like screen recording which means you can set permissions for that.If you try to record your screen with ScreenFlow it’s going to ask for permission first .There’s also input monitoring there’s also files and folders speech recognition .Apple has really locked down Mac OS so that these applications that formerly just had unadulterated access to all these different functions now have to request access which is a good thing for the user.One of my favorite features is that you can authenticate from your Apple watch that is so nice.

MacOS 10.15 Apple Watch Authentication

Activation Lock

Now there’s also activation lock which allows you to lock down your Mac, so if it’s lost or stolen a person will need to enter your credentials in order to activate it.Which is one of the great feature Apple introduced in MacOS .I personally like that activation lock.

Apple Arcade

Of course apple arcade is new to Mac OS Catalina.You also have Xbox controller support, ps4 controller support this was already supported in the previous version of Mac OS but here you actually get a little glyph of the Xbox controller so that’s kind of nice.But the real focus obviously is apple arcade itself which is Apple’s new subscription service five bucks a month and you will get access to lots and lots of games.

I don’t think all the games that you find on iOS are here on the Mac but there is still a lot of games to choose from a lot of quality games such a sneaky sasquatch one of my favourite, and there are many many other to choose .There’s gonna be something for you even if you’re not a gamer I’m pretty sure out of all these games you’ll find at least something that you like like hexa flip .

MacOS Catalina Apple Arcade

Standalone Music app

Now let’s talk the music app podcast app and TV app , iTunes is no more in Mac OS Catalina finally .The music app is centered around Apple music that is sort of its focal point but that doesn’t mean you can’t access your iTunes music or your iCloud music library you can still do that but it is centered around Apple music that is its main focus, so you get the same Apple music experience that you’re used to on your iPhone or your iPad.

So you have the curated for you section, you have the Browse section and then you have the radio sectio, which has like things like beats one and even broadcast radio stations around your local area.Then of course you can search of any music. You can actually edit details about the song and even update the artwork if you wanted to do so. The really interesting thing though is you can add to library ,you can access that song that didn’t originate from Apple music didn’t originate from iTunes.

T really cool thing about Apple music is that, if you’re an Apple music subscriber you will get access to everything ,you know the music app also gives you access to your lyrics it also gives you access to up next and music listening history which is a new feature that recently came about on iOS 13.2, and also here with Mac OS Catalina and you can airplay your music to all your eligible airplay to sources like a home pod or your Apple TV for instance, now you haven’t seen iTunes Store anywhere just yet but if you go into preferences you can actually show the iTunes Store if you still want to purchase music the old-school way it’s kind of weird to say iTunes is old-school ,but it is in the in the era of streaming definitely buying music individual tracks or albums is old-school but you can still do it if you want to via the music app.

MacOS 10.15 Music app

Standalone Podcast app

Now let’s talk about podcast the second pillar of iTunes.You’ll find a similar interface to the music On the left side is the listening section which allows you to just view all the stuff you subscribe.There’s also browse where you can find new content new podcasts to download and there’s top charts which will rank the top podcasts then you have your library which contains all of your different podcasts, you have shows which shows you each individual shows that you subscribe.Then you have episodes and then you have your individual podcasts that you subscribe to, you and you can hit the info button to view your show notes.You can access all the Handy links inside those show notes.There’s also the TV app and this again is that last pillar so to speak for iTunes and you can see the really nice large artwork for each up next item there.

Then you have your movies tab which will show you movies from the what was formerly the iTunes Store and also show you movies from other sources which Apple is calling Apple TV channels which is sources that allow you to subscribe seamlessly within the TV app that’s not something that’s technically new, however it is very well integrated in this new TV app here.

MacOS Catalina Podcast app


Now the Photos app there’s something that really whacked poetic about only iPad and on the iPhone, because it was such an improvement over the previous Photos app and it is very much improved here on the Mac .Although not to the same degree as what we found on iOS particularly with video editing now with photo editing you do have a very robust interface, in fact it’s deeper than what you’ll find in some respects on the iOS version of the Photos app you get a lot more fine-grain granular control here on the MAC version  when it comes to editing photos under adjustments.

But put things like filters you can’t change the intensity of a filter like you can on iOS.In the cropping functionality you don’t get all the features that you get on iOS which is kind of surprising to be honest. But what’s really interesting and sort of disappointing is that you don’t get the editing functionality for videos like you do on iOS.


The Notes app gains several new enhancements from iOS 13 that includes the new gallery view so you get a quick high-level overview of all your notes and there’s the new ability to drag and drop list items to rearrange your list.Then there’s automatic sorting ,so when you click on an item to complete it in your list it will automatically go to the bottom of the list.Then finally there’s the ability to share an entire folder containing all the notes within with your friends family or whoever else you want to share it with.

MacOS 10.15 Notes app


Now the reminders app get a completely new redesign in iOS in the same things true here in Mac OS Catalina .For starters the smart list feature will automatically organize individual list items by today, by scheduled or by flagged and that’s super handy for just getting a quick high-level overview of what’s going on. Then below that you have all your lists so you can go in to an individual list add an additional item you can rename a list make changes to a list.

Another new feature is the ability to add sub items to an item within a list so you simply drag and drop and then you can click the disclosure triangle to collapse those list items.Great for organization adding the new list is also different here in Mac OS Catalina ,so now obviously you can name the list but you can give it a color and you get all these different glyph items to choose from.You can also group together multiple lists.

MacOS Catalina Reminders

Safari Browser

In Safari browser you’ll find a new start page with series suggestions built in, This is one of the latest feature in MacOS Catalina.You will find a brand-new start page that lets you quickly access frequently visited websites and favorites.

MacOS Catalina Safari

Screen Time

Screen time makes its debut on Mac OS, of course this is an iPad OS featured now it is here on Mac OS and that allows you to monitor your usage app, usage notifications you can establish downtime app limits and more then find my app is a combination of find my friends and find my devices combined into one.

The really cool thing is that there’s new offline finding capability which uses clever crowd-sourced Bluetooth frequencies to help you find your lost devices.

MacOS Catalina Screen Time

Voice Control

Voice control is not to be confused with voice over because voice control allows you to control your Mac using your voice in a very easy straightforward way.So once you enable voice control via accessibility preferences it’s going to download and install the voice control module and then you can click commands to see a whole list of voice control commands that you can use so.

MacOS 10.15 Voice Control

Catalina Dynamic wallpaper

All right so finally we have Catalina dynamic wallpaper which is great you can switch between day and night mode which is great.

MacOS Catalina Dynamic Wallpaper

so ladies and gentlemen that has been a look at the top macOS Catalina 10.15 new features ,what do you guys think let me know down below in the comment section with your thoughts and opinions also thumbs up if you appreciated this article and like my Facebook page for more articles like this.

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