What is other in iPhone Storage

What is other in iPhone Storage and how to get rid

In this Tutorial we will tell you what is other in iPhone Storage and how to get rid of other on iPhone without restoring. If you are an iPhone user (16GB or 32GB device owner), have you ever wondered why you keep getting “Memory Full” message all the time? And you don’t know how to free some GBs? You need to know what “Other” Data is on iPhone? And how to delete it?This Tutorial is all about how to clean or reduce other storage on iPhone.You can also download Appjoy showbox for iPhone or android.

Other Data is basically unwanted data that keeps accumulating in your phone, without your knowledge. If not deleted time to time, it can run into hundreds of MBs or even GBs at times. If you have a low storage device, it can be a big problem. Even for high storage devices, if “Other” takes up lots of GBs, that can be an issue. “Other” consists of a lots of things, which if not deleted frequently, can clutter your device for space.

Lets first take a look at What is other in iPhone Storage? And what does it comprise of?

“Other” data on iPad/ iPhone: Official Apple website states, “Other” files comprises of files like:

  •  Content of your photo stream, photo library or camera roll.
  •  Audio data like podcasts, audio-books, Siri voices, songs/ ringtones and voice memos.
  • Video content like music videos movies/TV shows.
  •  iBooks, audio books, Safari Offline reading list and PDF files.
  • Applications installed and their data/documents.⦁ App contents such as messages, emails, contacts, calendars and their respective attachments.
  • Settings/ system data, and cached files.

Amount of Storage “Other” files have taken in the device:

In iPhone operating system (iOS) devices, one can always check the amount of data used and the amount left. The amount consumed by “Other”is not specified though. To check the amount of memory left on the device, the following steps should be followed.

  •  First go to Settings, then General,  then iPhone/iPad Storage.

Check iPhone Storage

  • To check iPhone/iPad Storage consumed by “Other” in iTunes, connect it to a computer/laptop, then select it from the top left corner and click Summary in the left-hand column

Click on Summary Tab in iTunes

  • iTunes will scan your device, and graphically show the storage at the base of the window. To see how much space has been used by “Other” storage, hover over the yellow section of the graph.

Other on iPhone and iPad

Now the question is, why are cached files created in the first place: According to Apple, whenever content like photos, music, videos is streamed, cached files are created. Its purpose is to quickly access your content again. In order to load faster, applications also make a residue of temporary files. Since the media library segregates cached photos, music, videos as Other, instead of actual songs, videos, or photos, storage on iOS devices don’t match with what iTunes reports.

iOS is designed to automatically get rid of the cached and temporary files when the device is in need of more storage. However, the operating system is not always consistent or doesn’t clear Other files from the iOS device with the desired efficiency. As a result, if you don’t spare time for the cleanup, the cached files will hijack tons of storage of your device.

Finally, how to delete Other data from iPhone/ iPad: The junk files can be removed using multiple methods.

  • Manual clean up or
  • Use of third-party apps/tools for clean up.


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