How To Turn Off 3D Touch in iOS 13 on iPhone

How To Turn Off 3D Touch in iOS 13 on iPhone

After Apple update and with the release of brand new iPhone 11.3D Touch or Haptic Touch lost most of his duties.And a lot of people asking how to turn off 3D touch in iOS 13 on iPhone (6,6s,7,8,X and XS).now people want to OFF that 3D touch because it is not working the way it worked before.

Back in 2K15 when first time people heard about 3D touch at that time it sounds like a great technology.Many iPhone user enjoyed new technology but after sometime the hype goes down.Now with the release of iOS 13 3D almost died as Apple shifted most of 3D job to Haptic touch.

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iOS 3D Touch  (iPhone 11)

The situation right now is actually very tricky with iOS 13 as you probably know the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 PRO Max don’t really have a 3D touch anymore well what Apple did with the 3D touch is first of all redesign and the second of all made that sort of comparable with the iPhone 11 Pro which don’t have the 3D Touch what I am trying to say that 3d touch  doesn’t work the way we were used to.If you are accessing it doesn’t feel like you using a 3D touch but you are using a long press.So what Apple is trying to accomplish with this is to make you feel like you already have the iPhone 11 or in other words they don’t want to make you feel that you don’t have the 3D touch .

3D and Haptic Touch for older versions

Bit on the other side people having iPhone (6/6s,7/7plus,8/8 plush,X/XS and XS Max) with iOS 13 can enjoy both the features (3D and Haptic Touch) .So now 3D touch is shifted so it make sens to make 3D touch disable.So in this article we will tell you how to disable 3D touch on iPhone.

How to disable 3D touch on iPhone.

Earlier we used 3D touch to acess app without launching these app ( Also you can preview notification and peek and pop with some apps).On the other side this feature is not availble in haptic touch such as peek and pop.People are confused between 3D touch and Haptic touch.They are asking questions that which on is good (3D touch or Haptic touch) My advice is to Turn Off 3D touch in iOS 13.Now to turn off it you have to follow below listed steps carefully,

Step-1:-From the Home screen of you iPhone go to the Settings.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step-2:-In the Settings go down and find Accessibility and tap on it.


Tap on Accessibility in iOS 13 Settings App on iPhone

Step-3:-From the menu select Touch and click on 3D touch and Haptic Touch.

Tap on 3D Touch & Haptic Touch in Accessibility on iOS 13 Running iPhone

Step-4:-To Turn off 3D Touch toggle next.

Turn Off Toggle to Disable 3D Touch in iOS 13


Well if you thinking it will affect Haptic touch then you are wrong because these two are different it will now affect Haptic Touch.

Now I will also give you a tip on how to Adjust 3D touch Sensitivity in iOS 13 This latest update will also allow you to adjust the sensitivity of Haptic Touch with the same method.Follow below listed steps carefully to adjust sensitivity.

Step-1:-From the home screen of your iPhone go to the Settings.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step-2:-Scroll down and find Accessibility tap on it.

Tap on Accessibility in iOS 13 Settings App on iPhone

Step-3:-Tap on Touch and then tap on 3D Touch and haptic Touch.

Tap on 3D Touch & Haptic Touch in Accessibility on iOS 13 Running iPhone

Step-4:-Now you have to select 3D touch Sensitivity option from Light,medium or Firm.

Select Preferred Option to Adjust 3D Touch Sensitivity in iOS 13

 That’s all for today I hope now you have sucessfully turn off 3D touch on your iPhone.If you have any question related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.You can like us on Facebook.

Now If you like 3D feature there is only one way to keep it alive and that is Downgrade from ioS 13 to iOS 12.But you will miss all the latest features of iOS 13.

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