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How To Install Kodi on iPhone 2019 without Jailbreak

In this tutorial we will show you How To Install Kodi on iPhone 2019 (6,6splus,7,7plus,8,X,,11,11PROMAX) and also you can implement this tutorial on iOS 12,iOS 13,iOS 12.4 .Till now there is no authentic kodi app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.However there are other methods you can use to download Kodi app.For example if you have jailbroken iPhone then you can easily install this app by using Cydia software.But the people who want to install this app even without jailbreaking of your iPhone or iPad then this article will be very helpful for you.I am going to tell you some simple steps you can follow to download this app.Also read some of the best iOS 12.4 jailbreak cydia tweaks free download.

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How To Install Kodi on iPhone 2019 without jailbreaking

What is Kodi app

Kodi app was previously called as Xbox Media Center and it is actually a home media hub.It allows you to listen music and watch videos.You can also play games or do anything else.You don’t even have to pay for this it uses free software.This app will aggregate all your saved files and media in just one location and in this way it will make all your media streaming much more easier then it was.

Is Kodi app an official app

Kodi app has no single official content of its own neither it creates an official content.It even does not contain any official themes.However it is still a very good choice for iOS uses because of its active community and themes that plugins.This app is one of the best choice for all power users.

Is Kodi App available on official site

No,Kodi app is still unavailable on the official site.On most of the operating systems it is not available for download.However to make your iPhone or iPad active it is one the first requirement to jailbreak your iOS device.

How To Install Kodi on iPhone 2019

You can easily install Kodi app on your iOS device without jailbreaking. There are two methods you can use to install this app.

  1. First method is to install this app by TweakBox.
  2. Second method is to install this app by Cydia Impactor.
  3. You can also install it by Xcode but this method is so much tricky and it is only available for Mac users.

How to install Kodi app by TweakBox

You can easily download Kodi app by using TweakBox but before using TweakBox you need to remember some important things.TweakBox uses some ads if you try to download Kodi app from it.You need to follow the given steps to download Kodi app from TweakBox.

  1. Go to safari and then search TweakBox app.
  2. Now download TweakBox and then allow this site so that it can show you profile.
  3. Now install that profile and then chose install again.
  4. Remember that TweakBox app must be on your home screen.
  5. Now open this app and close all the ads.
  6. Go to APPS and under categories you need to select TweakBox app.
  7. Now in the search bar you need to search for Kodi and then download it.
  8. Remember to do some settings before opening this app.
  9. Go to settings then general and profile and device management.
  10. Now click trust.Click trust again and you will get Kodi app on home screen and now you can use it.


One thing you need to remember before using this method is about third party source. TweakBox is a third party source and revoking of some app certificates may arise in Apple devices.This means that you need to wait till Apple allows you to use it.

How to install Kodi app by Cydia Impactor

Second method to install Kodi app without jailbreaking of your device is by Cydia impactor. It was developed by Jay Freeman,same developer of Cydia. Cydia impactor sideloads IPA files of Kodi to your iOS device.This method will work on Windows,Mac and even Linux machines.Follow the given steps to download Kodi app by using Cydia impactor.

  1. First download Cydia impactor and for iOS device you need to download latest version of Kodi IPA files.
  2. Now you need to make a connection of iTunes of your device with PC.
  3. Try to extract impactor file and on this app you need to drag Kodi IPA file.
  4. In the drop down menu choose your device and click on start.
  5. To sign in the files and start the installation process you need to login to your Apple ID.
  6. When it is successfully installed first go to settings and open Apple ID so that you can use the installed app.
  7. Now to open the Kodi app from home screen click on trust.

How to customize Kodi experience

When you have successfully installed Kodi app you can customize Kodi experience by adding Add-ons.You can easily browse add on from list of add ons.If you cannot browse it then we have listed some legal add ons.


By YouTube add-on you can search trending videos and even channels.You can also access your personal recommendations in case if you login.You can find them in video add-ons section which are located in Kodi library.


This is considered as one of the most amazing music streaming all over the world.However you will be shocked to know that it will not have any single add on for Kodi.But it has many unofficial add-on on Kodi and you can easily download it as a ZIP file.When you have downloaded file you will be able to find add on only on the Kodi emby beta add-ons.

Apple iTunes podcast browser

There are so many options available for podcast apps.Plenty of podcast collections are found in iTunes.You can select them from iTunes.This library has made its plain interface and It can be easily navigated by the use of UI.You can easily install it from Kodi official library.


Twitch is so much similar to YouTube.For gamers it is one of the live streaming platform.However some non gaming live steams are also available.You can use this add on to involve in chat and you also watch games of other players.You also need to download it from Kodi library.


I recommend you to always use VPN. By using this you can easily stream all contents from third party add ons to your experience.There may be several reasons behind this such as it offers you opportunity for anonymous connection and no one will be able to trace your any kind of activity even IPS and government will not be able to trace your activity.If you are using good VPN it will block other streaming services if they try to track your activity.There are much more uses of VPN even more than Kodi.

OKAY that’s all for todat I hope this article helped you if you have any question related to How To Install Kodi on iPhone 2019 then fell free to ask down below in the comment section .Also like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.

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