How to Hide Text Messaging and SMS on iPhone

How to Hide Text Messaging and SMS on iPhone

Hello ladies and gentlemen boys and girls In this article we will tell you How to Hide Text Messaging and SMS on iPhone .You can apply this method both to your iOS (iPhone 11,6,6s,5,5s,7,7s) and on Mac.Sometime you want to hind you Text messages or SMS from another person or you can  say hidings whatsapp messages .In this tutorial we will show you how can you do that if you are looking for How to remove suggested iMessages contacts from sharing tab??? then comment down below in the comment section.

Alright Everyone have some privacy and to achive this sort of privacy if you want to hind your Text message or SMS then you are on the right page we will give you complete step by step guid on how to hide message in iPhone/iPad.Now To do that you have to follow below listed steps.

Steps on How to Hide Text Messaging and SMS on iPhone

Important Below given methods will work on iOS 9,10,11 maybe thet will work on iOS 13 or above but i haven’t tested with the latest versions of iOS. Now below are some methods to hide you Messages on iPhone.

Method-1 (Disable Lock Screen Message Preview)

Now when ever someones send you a message it pop-up on your Home screen so if you want to disable that feature you have to follow below listed steps.

  1. From the Home Screen of you iPhone/iPad go to the Settings.
  2. Hover over to Notification and then tap on Messages.
  3. Now you have to scroll down and find Include Section.
  4. This section will show Preview option.
  5. Tap on it to Disabled it.

That’s it you have successfully disabled messages notification on your iPhone.Now you will see that if someone text you it will not pop-up like it do before.

Disable The Lock screen Notification Feature

Well if you don’t know how to disable lock screen Notification Feature on iPhone then you have to follow below listed steps.

  1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone go to the Settings.
  2. Now you have to choose Show on Lock Screen option Tap on it and Disable it.
  3. If Badge app icon is not disable make it disabled.

Hide Text Messages Inside the Message App

There is another method to hide text Message inside the message app for this just follow below given steps.In this process we have to jailbreak iPhone .Also if you want to know how to jailbreak iPhone 11 then must read this tutorial.

  1. Launch Cydia and install the HiddenConvos tweak
  2. Once this Installation Completes you open Messages app and wipe left on any conversation you want to hide. A Hide button will appear next to the delete button tap on it.

Once you’ve tapped on the Hide button your conversation thread will go into hiding without getting deleted.

How To Hide Messages On iPhone without Jailbreak

Well if you are the one who don’t want to Jailbreak their iPhone/iPad then for you there are also some application which you can install on your iPhone/iPad to hide your personal messages.Below are some listed applications.

Cover Me:

  1. Go to the App store
  2. Type Cover Me.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Once installation completes launch the application and use it.

Features of Cover Me app

  1. If you want to use cover me for privacy then it is one of the best application to use.
  2. It can be use to Hide Messages ,Hide Contacts on iPhone ,hide calling on iPhone.
  3. You can share private files
  4. This application in free but if you want to enjoy fully loaded features then my suggestion is to Purchase that application.




How To install?
  1. From the Home screen of your iDevice go to Store.
  2. In the Search Box type iDiscrete tap on it
  3. Once the installation completes launch the application.

Features of iDiscreate application

  1. When if comes to privacy it’s one of the best application on Play store.
  2. You can keep you personal pictures ,videos and other thing secure in private storage box.


Wickr Me

How To install Wickr Me

  1. First go to the Store of you iPhone/iPad
  2. In the Search box you have to type Wickr me.
  3. Tap on Install.
  4. Wait for the Installation process completes.
  5. Launch the Wickr me application.

That’s all for today I hope you like that tutorial on How to Hide Text Messaging and SMS on iPhone .If you have any problem related to this topic or any other topic then feel fee to comment down below in this comment section.Also like us on Facebook so you never miss an update .

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