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How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (iPhone 6-iPhone 11)

How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (iPhone 6-iPhone 11)

In this Tutorial I will show you guys a couple of tricks on How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (iPhone 6-iPhone 11) maybe a boot loop, maybe your device seems frozen ,maybe apps keep crashing, maybe you’re just having some weird issues .So I wanted to show you guys a couple of tricks to hopefully fix your device.

Now if your device stuck at apple logo and how to get out of that? the first thing I always attempt on any of my devices and I’ve had I phones for years now the first thing I always try to do to fix it is a hard reset on that device. Now a hard reset is basically a reboot, it forces a reboot on your iOS device.Now it is gonna vary from device to device the XS max here has a different button combo ,then the 7-plus does and the iPhone 6s or 6s plus is different from the iPhone 7.So it really depends on which iPhone you have.Now if you don’t know how to force restart iPhone then follow below listed steps:

Method-1.Restart Your iPhone

Now first step you should take if you are stuck at apple logo is to restart your iPhone .Below are different methods to force restart your iPhone:

How To force Restart iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Now if your iPhone 7 or 7 plus stuck on Apple logo then follow below listed steps to fix it via Force Restart:

  1. Press+Hold volume down and Power button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Once your iPhone vibrates Remove your fingers from Volume and power button.

On iPhone 8,8 Plus X,iPhone 11 ,11 PRO MAX

Now if your iPhone 8 or iPhone X stuck on apple logo follow below listed steps to fix it via force restart.

  1. Press and Release volume up button Quickly.
  2. Quickly press and hold volume down button.
  3. Press+Hold side button do not remove your fingers from button until your see Apple logo.

Many People face Apple stuck logo while updating to latest version of iOS .Many of them get out of that problem just by Restart their iPhone.

Method-2.Use Recover Mode To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Now There is an another Method if your iPhone stuck in a Apple Logo.Try to use Recovery Mode if you are unable to get out of the Apple logo.

How To Put iPhone 7 or later In Recovery Mode:

Follow below listed steps to solve Apple logo stuck issue on iPhone 7 or later .In this method we will try to fix it via putting your iPhone in recovery mode.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is turn OFF.If it is not turn OFF then press the power button to turn it OFF.
  2. Connect your iPhone to computer or Mac.
  3. Now Press and hold down the Home button on your device
  4. Release the button when your see connected to iTunes message.

How To put iPhone in Recovery Mode

If your iPhone 6 on Apple logo then try recovery mode to fix that issue:

  1. Turn OFF your iPhone 6.
  2. Now you have to Press and hold down the Home button on your iPhone 6.
  3. Remove your fingers from buttons when you see a message iTunes connected.

Method-3.DFU mode

DFU mode allows your Apple device to interact with iTunes without activating the boot-loader. DFU mode restores your iPhone from any stage so it is a great tool to overcome this problem. To enable DFU mode perform the following steps:

Step#1: Launch iTunes app from your computer and connect your iPhone with your PC using lightening cable.

Step#2: Power off your iPhone. Once your device has turned off, press and hold the power button for atleast 3 seconds. While holding on to the power key, press the home button. For iPhone 7 and above you need to press the volume down key instead of the home button.
Keep both buttons pressed at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Now release only the power key. Don’t release the home button or the volume down key as of now.

Step#3: If you have successfully entered DFU mode, display will remain black with no content.
If Apple logo pops up this means that you have not entered DFU mode. If this is the case then repeat step#1 and step#2 again.

Step#4: Upon successfully entering the DFU mode, you will see an option on your iTunes to restore the device. You can choose any of the options i.e. (Restore your iPhone to factory settings) or (Restore your iPhone from previous backup).

If you have successfully implemented all the above steps, your iPhone will restart and stuck on Apple logo problem will end. While doing so you can encounter certain errors or you might not had backed up your iPhone.

Restoring your Apple device via iTunes can sometimes cause unexpected errors. The most common errors that you can encounter includes 1014, 1015 or 16xx series errors. If you are encountering any of these errors, follow the steps below to get rid of them.

Method-4.Dr.fone-Repair ($79.95)

This expensive but highly effective app lets you through the boot loop of Apple logo where you are stuck and only that shows up is the Apple logo. This app not only helps you get rid of this problem and at the same time preserves your data.
Dr.fone is widely used by million of satisfied customer by providing quality services. Dr.fone has been sponsored by magazine giants like Forbes and Deloitte.

Follow the steps below to overcome iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem by using Dr.fone – iOS System Recovery.

Step#1: Launch Dr.fone app and tap on “Repair”.

Click on Repair in dr.fone Software

Step#2: Connect you iPhone with your laptop or PC by using lightening cable.

Step#3: When the software detects your iPhone, click on “Start”.

Click on Start in Dr.Fone Software

Step#4: Follow this step closely. To continue the process your iPhone must be in DFU mode. To enter DFU mode, press and hold Power and Home buttons at once for at least 10 seconds. Release the buttons when you are shown that you are in DFU mode.

Enter iPhone into DFU Mode

Step#5: Using dr.fone app select the model number of your iPhone. Dr.fone will now download the latest firmware for your iPhone.

Step#6: Sit back and relax because dr.fone will now automatically solve the stuck on Apple logo problem for you.

Step#7: Once the process is complete, simply restart your iPhone and start using it without encountering any data loss.

Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo using Dr.Fone Software

If you are still facing issue related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook .So that was today Tutorial on How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (iphone 6-iPhone 11).


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