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How To Fix Black Camera Issue on iPhone 11 PRO MAX

How To Fix Black Camera Issue on iPhone 11 PRO MAX

How To Fix Black Camera Issue on iPhone 11 PRO MAX?One of the best feature on newly released iPhone 11 is it’s triple camera.Apple release iPhone 11 with lot’s of improvement and updates .One of the best major improvement in iPhone 11 is that there is no shutter lag in the brand new iPhone 11.But there are some issues people are facing in their brand new iPhone.In this article we will show you how to fix black camera on iPhone 11 pro max.

In this Tutorial we will discuss all issues about iPhone camera .Lot of people complained about iPhone camera some complained that when they capture Photo on iPhone 11 then the photo captured have blurry part.In this Tutorial we will show you how to fix blurry photos on iPhone 11.One of the main issue about iPhone 11 is delayed response to camera application settings.If you are facing this problem them u don’t need to worry we will give you a solution to this.Also there is another big issue which reported by iPhone 11 users they complain that they are having flares on their photos or they have flares on their videos.

Note:-In this article we will provides you tips on how to fix iPhone 11 camera issues without lens flares or blurriness.

Some of the issues will automatically fixed when apple will update it so in this Tutorial first we will talk about how to fix black camera Issue on iPhone 11 Pro Max you just have to follow below listed steps:

Steps on How To fix Black Screen Issue on iPhone 11 PRO MAX

When you launch camera app on iPhone 11 Pro MAX you find that camera app is black? Instead of seeing objects you see a black screen on iPhone 11? Then here is the fix.

Method-1 Force Close The Camera App on iPhone 11:-

Now if you don’t know how to force close camera app on iPhone 11.iPhone 11 PRO MAX then follow below listed steps:

  1. Swipe up and Hold:-Bring the App Switcher on the iPhone 11 to do that you have to swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen,the you have to hold your finger for a second on the screen and after a second remove it.
  2. Close the Camera:-Now by swiping up on the camera app card close iPhone 11 camera.
  3. Relaunch the app:-Once camera is closed you have to relaunch the camera app again.You will see black camera issue will solved.

Force Close Camera App on iPhone 11

How to fix blurry photos on iPhone 11

Now in the section part of this tutorial if you are facing blurry image or late response to camera app settings or another then follow below listed steps:

Method-2 Simply Switch iPhone 11 camera

If first method is not working for you then you can try this method for black screen issue on iPhone 11 .In second method we will show you how to switch iPhone camera follow below given steps:

  1. First you have to switch the camera from rear facing to front camera.
  2. Then you have to switch back to the rear facing camera.

This will solve your issue and you will fix black screen issue on iPhone 11 .This issue is not new at all .Black screen issue also appear in iPhone or older versions of iPhone.Apple need to fix that issue in the next update of iPhone 11.Now if you facing others iPhone 11 camera issue then follow below given methods.

Remove Protective Case From iPhone 11

I know you want to protect your iPhone 11 from any external damage but you have to understand that any external layer of plastic or any material will block the quality of image in other words this will result to capture an inaccurate photo or image.So to fix blurry images or videos or flares you have to remove protective case from iPhone 11.This protective glass will also results in darker pictures or videos on iPhone 11.Remove any protective case if you have on iPhone 11 they try to take a picture I hope this will solve your issue of blurry photos on iPhone 11.

Clean the external Lens

One of the reason for blurry photos is dirt on iPhone camera lens .If your iPhone camera have dirt on camera then it will result in blurry photos. Remember DON’T CLEAN YOUR CAMERA LENS WITH FINGERS use microfiber cloth to remove dirt of any particles from the camera lens.You can also use a soft and clean cloth to remove any small particles from the iPhone external lens.

Know How to use Camera Settings on iPhone 11

Sometimes you don’t know how to use iPhone camera or how to become master on iPhone camera we have written a Tutorial on how to use iPhone 11 camera so you have to read this tutorial .

That’s all for today If you are still facing issue on then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.There are some of the best Tutorial on howtofix you must read.

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