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How to fix apps not deleted on iPhone 11

How to fix apps not deleted on iPhone 11

If you are not able to delete some apps on iPhone this article will be very helpful.There many cases in which some apps cannot be deleted from iPhone or iPad.But you don’t need to be panic,just follow the simple tricks to fix this problem.In this article I will try my best to give answers and some easy tips for following issues.In this article we will discuss How to fix apps not deleted on iPhone 11 .From this website you can also How to update kodi on firestick

  1.  If you are not able to delete apps on iPhone or iPad.
  2.  If you got stuck on apps that are loading or on waiting

What’s the main reason behind apps not being deleted

One of the major reason behind some apps that are stuck on waiting or loading is restoring your iPhone.If you have recently restored your iPhone or iPad.Second most common reason is updating your apps.If at a time you updated many apps then they may stuck on loading or waiting.The other reason is holding on any icon.But this one is not a major issue and you can resolve it very easily.You can implement this tutorial on iPhone X,XR,11,11PROMAX,8,6,7 with having iOS 12,13,11.

However you are not alone to face this problem.Majority of its users face this problem and one of the most difficult thing this to know the reason behind this.In most of the cases it is:

  1.  Unable to delete apps from iPad or iPhone
  2.  Apps synced by iTunes but disconnected leading to partially installed apps
  3.  Problems in restoring from backup
  4. Faulty apps
  5.  Less memory during updating apps

How to fix apps not deleted on iPhone 11

There are many reasons behind some apps that cannot be deleted.I have mentioned some of them but now let’s get started with its solution.

By hard reset

In most of the cases I can easily solve some minor problems such as app freezing only and only by performing hard reset of device.All you need to do this just tap on the on or off button and then home button at once for about fifteen seconds until Apple logo appears.

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

You need to check download queue

In most of the cases you will stuck on apps that are on waiting or loading.One of the major reason behind this is download queue.You can easily fix this problem but I recommend you to always install or update your apps by using WiFi.In case if you don’t have Wi-Fi and you are using mobile data then you should install only one app at a time.Follow the given steps to fix the problem of apps that are on waiting or loading.

  1.  First open your App store and then click on updated then click on purchased.
  2. In purchased you can see the apps that are being installed.If there are many apps stuck on downloading then you should turn off Wi-Fi.
  3. Now to stop those apps from downloading you need to tap on those apps.
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi and then again try to install those apps one at a time.

If the issue has still not resolved then you need to check internet connection.You need to reset network settings by going in general settings.When you are done with resetting the network,You should connect your iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi and then turn it on.I hope it should have resolved and you can easily download the apps.

Reset all the settings

I am not pretty sure about this but everyone know that resetting can help to resolve many issues of apps such as apps that are stuck on waiting or loading.By resetting all settings none of your media or data will be remove. Follow the given steps:

  1.  On your iPhone open settings and go to General.
  2. Now scroll down and click on Reset all settings.

Confirm Reset All Settings on iPhone in iOS 10

iTunes Sync

There may be some apps on iTunes that you have recently downloaded on your iPhone if your have ever synced.In this method all you can do is go to the iTunes and remove those apps.You need to re-sync them with iPhone to remove them from iPhone.You can reinstall those apps with iPhone. Follow the given steps:

  1.  First you need to make a connection of your iPhone and PC.
  2. Now open iTunes.
  3. In this step you need to remove all those apps that got stuck on waiting or loading or the apps that are unable to delete on iPhone.
  4. From the sidebar you need to click on iPhone and from the list click on apps tab,against those apps are causing troubles.
  5. Now click installed and it will be changed to “Will remove”.
  6. By iTunes you need to sync iPhone.All the apps that were causing troubles will be removed.

When you have removed all those apps successfully you can easily reinstall them.All the apps that got stuck on loading can be reinstalled but not through iTunes.

Restore from backup

One of the most easiest and effective method to fix many problems on iPhone is by restoring it.One of the most effective method is fresh restore from backup.It is one of the easy way to restore apps back to their normal condition.You can use backup to solve this problem if you have backup on iTunes.

You can easily restore by fresh backup only by tapping restore option.You can find Restore option in iTunes which will allow you to do fresh restore.

In case if you don’t have a backup on iTunes then you need to upgrade iPhone to one of its latest version.And before upgrading it to its latest version you need to remove all its apps.By doing this you can also do fresh backup.You can easily get all the deleted apps by performing app backup through purchased section of app store.

Security software

If you don’t want to try iTunes restore then you can use security software. iCarefone is one of the software made by Tensorshare company.This software is actually designed for the management of iPhone files and apps.This app helps you a lot to fix the problem of apps that you are unable to delete.I have no affiliation with this software or this company but I am recommending you this because I recently used it and it was very helpful.Even you can easily install Mac version and Windows totally free for file manager option.You need to follow the given steps:

1.First select file manager
2.Now tap on App
3.Now click on uninstall

That’s all for today I hope you have find the solution on How to fix apps not deleted on iPhone 11 if you have any questions related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section also you can like us on Facebook.

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