how to use safari download manager in iOS 13

how to use safari download manager in iOS 13

With the release of new iOS 13 .Apple introduce a new download manager iOS 13.In this article we will show you how to use safari download manager on iOS 13(iPhone/iPad).Now with this latest update you can easily change the location of installed files.Also read this Tutorial on How to jailbreak iOS 13.

Before we start let’s first talk about features of new safari download manager in iOS 13.Safari gets a download manager in iOS 13 and as well as iPadOS. Following are the new features:

  1.  Whenever you click with the new iOS mouse support on a link to a file,that file will now start to download a folder.
  2. One very important use is you will be able to change tha location of the installed folder.
  3. All of these are very small but very important latest features in iPadOS. All of these features will turn the iPad into a viable MacBook replacement.

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, Safari offers to download linked files.

iOS 13 safari downloads in action

One very essential feature that safari offers in iOS and iPadOS is you can download linked files.Now safari offers to download linked files.

  1. Safari pops up a dialog and ask you if you want to install that file,when you click on a link to a file.
  2. Now click on download and here you go.
  3. Your file will be saved by default at the root level of your iCloud drive in a new download folder.

How to check progress of safari download

You can check the progress of safari download by clicking the new icon.

Options before downloading a file.You have some options before you download some types of file like MP3 or WAV audio.You will be given two options like if you want to download the file or if you want to view.Full window player will be opened if you select to view an audio file,this feature is same as in old days safari.

how to change safari download folder in iOS 13 and iPaOS

Pick your iOS 13 Safari download folder here.

You can change safari download folder in iOS 13 and iPad just by picking it.It’s very easy to change the safari download folder in iOS 13 and iPadOS.You need to follow the given steps:

1.First open the settings app.
2.Now in the left column open click on safari.
3.In the general section there is a new entry and you need to click on download.
4.Now you will see a list of possible download locations.

How to stop downloads getting re-uploaded

In iCloud one of the new download folder is default.Now if you want to stop stop your downloads getting re-uploaded to iCloud them you need to select on my iPad.Now you will see following list of storage providers:

1.Readdle’s PDF expert

How to find your downloaded files

You can find your downloaded files very easily. Now in the files app just go to that folder.

How to clean up

You can clean clean up the download list items very easily.You will see an option popping to remove download list items.Just simply click on that and you will see safari can clean up after itself.This notification simply tells safari to remove download files from that list.

Safari can clean up after itself.


Important:-Whenever you upload any file through safari,it will always tell you that what’s the size of that file before you send it.

That’s all for today I hope you like this Tutorial on how to use safaris download manager in iOS 13.Well if you have any question related to this topic or any other topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also like us on Facebook

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