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How To Download TweakMo on iOS 11-13.1.2

In this article we will show you how to download TweakMo for free on iOS device ,we will also show you how to install TweakMo for free.TweakMo is one of the best jailbreak application for iOS users.TweakMo will allow you to download and install free games,free tweaks,free theams and hundreds of other applications on your device.You will get ultimate applications on your iPhone and iPhone when you will jailbreak your iDevice.

Note:-You can impliment this Tutorial on tour all iOS device (iPhone,6,6s,7,8,8plus,X,,XR,11,XPROMAX) and also iPad so before we start to download tweakMo on iPhone first let’s go into details and find out what is TweakMo.

Is TweakMo safe?

TweakMo is the most safest and reliable jailbreak application and is used by thousands of people all around the glob and according to them it’s 100% safe and free to use.

What is the use of TweakMo

TweakMo is a kind of feature that has wide range of popular apps.It offers various categories of many popular apps in the community.This category of popular apps include:

1.Jailbreak apps
2.Modified apps
3.Free cracked apps
4.Hacked apps

You also have opportunity to download any kind of app with tweakMo in just one click.

Do you need to jailbreak iOS device to download TweakMo?

No,you don’t need to jailbreak your device for downloading TweakMo.With TweakMo you can easily download all the popular apps in just one click.You can download all the apps very easily which are available in the market.

Does TweakMo apps prompt for app purchases?

The answer is no.You don’t need to pay for the TweakMo premium apps.If you have downloaded the TweakMo premium apps then you can easily install the popular apps in TweakMo.

Can I download Cydia to non jailbroken device

No,you cannot download Cydia to non jailbroken devices Because this is one the jailbroken device app.It is impossible for you to install it on non jailbroken devices.However you can use some alternatives for Cydia such as TweakMo.TweakMo offers you the opportunity to download almost all the apps available in Cydia.

Why some of the apps in TweakMo has limited functionality

In TweakMo there are some apps that has very limited functionality because these apps need privileged system access.By jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad you can easily access this system.So to be honest some of the systems will not work as you people expected them to work because of this system access requirement.

Is there any free TweakMo package

You can get TweakMo totally free on your iOS devices in case when some free packages of TweakMo are offered.But you need to pay for other packages such as silver,gold or platinum.The prices of these packages are given as follows:


Can I download jailbreak apps by TweakMo

Yes,you can easily download jailbreak apps by TweakMo.If you have TweakMo then it offers you to download jailbreak app totally free only in one click.

How To Download and Install TweakMo on any iOS device

If we talk about Cydia alternative then TweakMo is one of the best cydia alternative for iPhone and iPad having iOS 12-13.1.2 .It’s a third party app store and after installaing tweakMo you will get thousand of free applications including hacked apps hacked games and many more.Now to get tweakMo on your iOs device you have to follow below listed steps.

Download Now

Step-1:-Click on the Download Button to download tweakMo on iPhone 11 or any other iPhone/iPad.

Step-1:-At the bottom of your screen you will see Install TweakMo click on it


Step-2:-When you will click on install button a pop-up window will appear which will say “This website is trying to download a configuration profile .Do you want to allow this? if you want to download tweakMo you have to click on Allow.


Step-3:-Once it says Profile downloaded go to the settings on your iPhone/iPad.

Step-4:-Open TweakMo app.

Step-5:-At the top of the screen you will see Install click on it to install TweakMo.


Step-6:-Enter your password when they ask it.

Step-7:-Once the installation process completes go back to your home screen launch the TweakMo application and enjoy latest jailbreak free apps on your iPhone.


That’s all for today I hope you have downloaded TweakMo vip on your iPhone/iPad.If you have any questions related to How To Download TweakMo on iOS 11-13.1.2 then feel free to ask down below in the comment section not only about this topic if you have any problem related to iPhone/iPad comment down below we will help you .Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.

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