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How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available Error?

How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available?


Is your Moviebox not showing movies? or Moviebox Pro stopped or Not wroking,then we will tell you How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available? There was I time when I used to have a MovieBox on my iPhone Xs (Which now I upgraded to my iPhone 11 Max Pro which is definitely running on iOS 13) for a while that I used to watch some of my favorite Hollywood movies or different TV shows, that is complete series of shows, and it completely worked fine until I recently discovered that it’s giving connection error. (that needed to Fix Movie Box Not/Stopped Working on iOS 12.4 or iOS 13). 

How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available Error?

After searching out the problem, I can to my observation that a certain number of people are having the same problem that is happened with me and I tried some different methods to sort out this problem, but all in vain, each and every possible solution that I tried got fail… hence I asked some different user to face the same problem and finally get rid of this. So here are the possible solutions that I found out by those users and I thought of sharing these with you people so that the problem of  Moviebox Server Not Available might be solved. So here are these methods.

Now if you are facing Moviebox Pro not working or Moviebox connection error then you are on the right page because we will tell you in this tutorial how to fix that problem on iOS. You just have to follow below listed steps in order to fix your Movie box problem.Click here to if you want to know how to get moviebox for free.

What is MovieBox?

Moviebox is one of the free applications to watch free  movies ,TV shows and drams on your iPhone/iPad.If your are looking for Appjoy Showbox then Moviebox should be your choice to watch free movies on your iOS device.

Method 1: Rerun MovieBox/iDevice

simply force close MovieBox app and try to rerun it again, or just restart your iDevice if the app resists to close even forcely. Turn off your iPhone that have the iOS 12 version or lower or the iPad and power OFF and Power On it to check whether the MovieBox started working normally or not.


Method #2: Change the Time of you iDevice (mainly for iOS 8.1.3/8.3 or later)

For this, Go to iPhone’s Settings then to the General and to the Date & Time. Set Automatically must be turned off to set the date and time manually. And then change the date of you device to August 30, 2014. And give it a try band rerun your MovieBox app again and. The purpose of doing this is that it bypass the expired security certificate and it won’t ask for the new security certificate for your MovieBox. Because it’s still valid to modify the time in iPhone/iPad and taking down the certificate issue, and hence it allows you to run it to run it and it will Fix MovieBox Not/Stopped Working on iOS 12 or lower.

Method #3: Use a VPN method and alternatively Connect it to your MovieBox

For this you need to find a free VPN service online, simply go to the home page and just take a note regarding the server, write down its (PPTP) user name & the password, and then simply add this VPN on your device and that will help you problem.

Method #4: try Reinstalling MovieBox

If your MovieBox is not operating properly, one reason could be that, either it’s not updated to its latest version or the Movie box is not installed properly, that is some of its features might be missing form your device, that’s why are you facing this problem and searching a solution to moviebox crashed. Do make sure that your MovieBox app is on its latest version, and if it is up to date and still not working properly, then uninstall it and after reinstall, this might Fix moviebox problem.


Method #5: Try other best Movie Box Apps

If all of the previous approaches failed to solve your problem and still you are searching a solution on how to How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available?, that it is suggested that you should find some of the Grade A alternative apps for this MovieBox, what we will suggest you are Popcorn Time, or ShowBox and even Play Box is one of the good alternative for the Movie Box.

That’s all for How To Fix Moviebox Server Not Available? .If you have any question on this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update.If this Tutorial helped you then you can share it with your friends on social media.


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