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How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitch

How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitch

In this tutorial we will discuss How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitch. I am pretty sure it seems to be so uncomfortable having a light theme on Twitch.Whenever you anything or play games at night you feel so uncomfortable with light theme.And the only thing comfortable in this case is dark mode.You need to enable dark mode because it is so comforting at nigh as compared to the light mode.In this article I am going to cover all the steps to enable dark mode on twitch at night.In this article I am also going to tell you some tricks so that you can get completely dark interface.When interface is completely dark it means each and everything you see on interface will be dark even your scroll bar.

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What are the steps to enable dark mode on twitch?

Dark mode on twitch is comfortable as compared to the light mode and here are some few steps you need to follow to enable dark mode on twitch.Follow each and every step very carefully and don’t miss any single step to enable dark mode on twitch.

  1. Go to the profile
  2. Enable the button
  3. Try refreshing

Step 1:Go to the profile:Very first step is to open Twitch.tv(You can search Twitch.tv in search browser). Once it is opened go to your profile icon.

Step 2:Enable dark mode:Now in this step you need to enable the dark mode.Go to drop down menu and tap on the button which is next to dark theme and enable it.

Step 3:Try refreshing:When you enabled the dark mode and interface is completely turned into dark mode and in case this dark mode is not applied and not working you need to refresh this page.After refreshing check it again.

For how long does dark theme will remain enabled?

When you enabled the dark theme it will last until you are signed into your account.Once you are logged out of your account dark mode will disable automatically.If you want to disable dark mode you can also disable it through the settings.This will also clear all the search browser cache and settings.

Download Dark Reader Google

If you feel that dark mode is not comfortable and not enough for you.Then in this case you need to download the Dark Reader Google Chrome extension.And if you are Mozilla Firefox user then download and install Dark reader Firefox extension.And be aware of tha fact that this extension will turn each and everything dark.All your buttons on twitch and even scroll bar will also turn into dark mode.

I will be very pleased if you try the above mentioned steps and I am pretty sure that all the steps provided are easy for you to follow and has helped you a lot to enable the dark mode on Twitch.

If you have any question related Dark Mode on Twitch to then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss any latest update.Also if this tutorial helped you in any way then feel free to share it with your friends.


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