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How To Fix Showbox Connection error?

How To Fix Showbox Connection error?

If you are facing showbox connection error or Showbox server error then you are on the right page.In this article I will show you How To Fix Showbox Connection error?.Google play store has abandoned some of the amazing apps. Showbox is one the abandoned Google play store app but it is still considered as one the amazing app for all the Android users.You can also Install Kodi on Firestick.

There are many apps which try to maintain the legitimacy by limiting the movies and live shows.And there are some apps which has limited offers to maintain their legitimacy.However showbox is amazing app which doesn’t have any concern with the legitimacy and offers you huge variety of movies without any explanation.This is one the main reason due to which Google play store banished this app.

Is showbox legal app?

One of the latest version of showbox is 5.35 and it was released on August 2019.In this article I am not going to offer you any link of showbox because of the following mentioned main reasons:

  1.  Some APK versions have virus.
  2.  Legitimacy of this app.

You people may have many questions in your mind about the legitimacy of this app and there are many offers from APK which contain virus.So in simple words I am not gonna take the guarantee of showbox safety.I am not giving you any guarantee about the safety of any kind of showbox download.But as this app is still one of the most popular app in the Android world so I can offer you some if the resources.But before all this let me tell you the common problems faced by showbox users such as:

  1.  Cannot play video
  2.  Video unavailable.
  3.  Server not available.
  4.  Server is currently down.
  5.  Try another server

So in this article I am going to tell you how to solve all the above mentioned problems and showbox starts working again.

How showbox works?

First I want to explain how showbox works. Showbox is the only app that offers you to watch thousands of  movies.There is no such other app that offers you this opportunity.There are some movies or live shows that may be pulled from single source.This app offers you the opportunity to install and watch thousand of different movies.You can even watch other videos such as video clips that it’s users are playing behind the scenes.To get started you just need to click on play button on movie and there is a short buffering period before every video.As soon as the buffering period completed video starts to play.

What are the risks of streaming online?

There are some of the risk factors for showbox users because there is no guarantee of showbox safety.Before downloading this app I want you to read following facts.

  1. Whenever you view and stream on the web,your ISP has a direct window into each and every view.
  2. Whatever you view,your all information can be selled legally by your ISP.
  3. There are some ISP that are not interested to sell your views in order to maintain your privacy.

*How to protect viewings?

You can protect all your views and maintain your privacy by only one method.The only method to maintain your privacy is by using VPN. Whenever you view something by streaming content then all of your views will be exposed by ISP.By viewing through VPN all of your views will be protected.I highly recommend you to use express VPN because of their fast service and top security.For a limited time offer you should take three months offer totally free.

*What problems can be seen by showbox users?

There are many problems you can face by using showbox. Constant work is being done by copyright holders.They are continuously trying to remove all illegal material for new movies. Showbox users face all kind of problems because there is no official development team.Its team has no power to sort all these issues.One most common problem faced by its users is virus in APK versions.Thousands of Android users face this problem and it’s the main reason due to which Google play store banished this app and this app can be hardly considered as a stable app.

How To Fix Showbox Connection error?

Method-1.First try to reboot your phone

Whenever you face any kind of error on your Android device then one of the simple method to solve the error is just try to reboot your android device.One if the easiest and fastest way to configure the exact problem is to rebooting your Android device.This method will quickly remove all kind of memory problems due to which error message was popping on your device.In case rebooting your Android device doesn’t work then you need to try the other solutions mentioned in this article.

Method-2.Restarting your device

Whenever any error message is continuously popping on your screen then it’s the time to restart your device.You can easily restart your android device by pressing and holding the power button for 1-2 seconds.Soon the restart menu will appear and there will be 3 options such as:

  1. Turn off
  2. Restart
  3. Cancel

If you want your android device to start working again with no error message then choose the restart option.As this method is considered as one of the easiest method to solve common error messages.

How to solve “cannot play video” error?

One of the most common problem seen by showbox users is cannot play video error  in showbox.This common error is mostly seen by new users.One main reason behind this error message for new users is they haven’t completed configured showbox or they have not completed their showbox setup.For other users main reason reason behind this error message is large number of files.

As you know showbox supports huge number of videos. Showbox doesn’t depend on any other software to play its videos.To play its videos it totally depends on standalone programs.You will continuously receive this error message if you are unable to handle of format video files.You can simply fix this problem by downloading any other video player.For showbox users one very common video player is MX video player.

You don’t need to buy this video player.It is totally free and it can easily support huge number of format video files.MX video player plays very nicely with showbox and supports many files.In case MX player also doesn’t work then you need to try VLC if you have android smartphone.If you are trying any new video player then you don’t need to first recognize it with showbox.

You just simply need to install any of the video player and then shutdown the showbox and restart your android device.New video player will be automatically recognized by showbox and it will use the video player for different format files.

How to solve “server not available” error?

Second most common problem faced by showbox users is unavailable server error.This error message seems like there might be a problem with online server.But actually this error message is because of the cache memory in your showbox. One main reason behind this server error message is showbox thinks there is some other server at some different IP address and it has stored all of your memory. Showbox is not able to understand that server has been changes and it continuously tried to see the server that is out.To fix this problem you need to follow the simple steps.

  1. First shutdown the showbox and stop playing the video.
  2. Now move towards Android settings then app manager and finally showbox app.
  3. Now choose Clear data and wait until it clears all the cached data.
  4. Now restart your device and reset the showbox settings.

That’s it if you have any question related to How To Fix Showbox Connection error? topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update .You can also read:

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