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How To Fix Showbox Connection Error Firestick

How To Fix Showbox Connection Error Firestick

If you are seeing Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection! on firestick TV or if showbox is unable to load on Firestick then i m here to help you on How To Fix Showbox Connection Error Firestick or you can say ShowBox Server Connection Error.you can also read

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Here is the sad news that you don’t expect. The operations of Showbox was closed. This is due to the copyright filed by movie studios. Recently, most of the website owners got an email to take down the blogs or websites who promote Showbox application. And now the whole application was taken down and the app is no longer working.

When you launch the showbox application on firestick or Firestick TV and you get an error which may say Connection Error Check Your Internet Connection!.Doesn’t matter if you are using VPN or not you will get this error(Connection Error. Check Your Internet Connection! ).The reason behind this error is appjoy showbox application is no longer connected to the web server due to copy right issue.

And Here is the notice that most of the websites do show when you try to download Showbox APK on firestick. They say:

Show Box is NOT a legitimate software platform for viewing Copyright protected movies. If you use ShowBoxApp to view copyrighted movies, the movie studios may be able to see your IP address and your viewing history, which is highly impossible in my opinion. Following Using ShowBox App to watch copyright protected movies, for which you do not have a license, is illegal, YES and subjects you to liability for copyright infringement. Movie studios are cracking down on illegal downloading and are filing lawsuits against users of ShowBox app. Websites that promote and/or distribute ShowBox are also being pursued by the movie studios for promoting illegal activity. It is not worth the trouble! Ofcourse Instead, please consider these links to platforms that stream content legally: such as amazon, netflix, hulu.

How To Fix Showbox Connection Error Firestick

Now if showbox is not working or showbox server error then follow below listed solutions to fix showbox connection error on firestick.

Solution .1 Use latest version for showbox firestick

It’s important to use the latest version of showbox on Firestick .If you are using old version of showbox then the chances of showbox connection error.So first of all update showbox to the latest version.Many times we ignore to update or you can say we forget to update to the latest version of showbox which lead to many errors ,lag or sometimes showbox crash on firestick. Now to fix these kind of errors simply update to the latest version.

Also it’s important that the latest version is not supported by your firestick and therefore, does not run smoothly on your Firestick Device.If you was not seeing that error on the older version then you have to simply uninstall the latest version of showbox, downgrade to the older version and you may see these issues will  resolved. You can download the older version of showbox from google play store.

Solution 2: Video files are not getting downloaded?

Now there is another method that is if video files are not downloaded on showbox firestick then there is a solution .You can fix that problem by just using the  “manage app” option from settings.In mamage app, you will find a MegaBox HD app. Clear the app data, cache memory and restart Firestick TV then launch the application.

Solution 3:Fix Server access denied/ Video unavailable.

Now if you are getting error like Server access denied or Video unavailable on showbox then I will show you how to fix that problem.If a particular movie or drama takes time to load  or do not load correctly, then that video might have been blocked in your country.Now to watch that movie you have to use VPN. Using VPN is the only option for resolving such issues as it creates a dummy server in countries where there are no such restrictions imposed on that video or movie.

Solution 4: Fix the video playback error

Most of the people facing video playback error on showbox. Most of the times movie or any kind of video does not load correctly or the video does not playback correctly when you press the playback option. One method to solve this issue is by stopping the automatic updates on Firestick TV.But unfortunately you can only implement this method on iPhone/iPad/Android .

That’s all for today I hope you find the solution on How To Fix Showbox Connection Error Firestick. If you have any question related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section. If you don’t want to miss any update, Like us on Facebook. I hope you find this Tutorial useful. If you do, please hit the like button and consider sharing this tutorial with your friends.

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