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How To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps 2019

How To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps 2019

Hey what’s going on guys welcome back to my website I know a lot of you guys have been getting problems but the tweaked apps 2019 facing a lot of issues such as like your apps getting revoked and all that kind of nonsense, so in today’s in this Tutorial I’m gonna show you guys how to solve the revoked issue by installing the best anti revoked app so sit tight and enjoy.This tutorial is all about How To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps. You can also download Appjoy showbox apk.

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Let’s get started To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps 2019 now to fix that issue your have to follow below listed steps.

  1. First things first you have to open browser and then in the search box you have to type https://www.tweakboxapp.com.
  2. Now in second step you have click on Install Now
  3. Click on Allow
  4. Now go ahead into the settings and install it
  5. Hit done


There we go we have the tweaked apps now I mean tweaked box app now this is the official app,Now follow below listed steps to download No thx from TweakBox this is the app we need.

  1. Go ahead to the home screen of your device and launch the application.
  2. This is the most important part pay attention to this part go to tweak box apps .
  3. and then there is a search tweak Box app search no thx (this is the app we need from the tweak box )
  4. Scroll down and you can read what it says your tweet box helper app get notification for updates block will folks from Apple your apps will not stop working as long as you stay protected.

That’s the whole purpose of this app so if you have this app this is the anti revoked just go ahead and install it if you have this app then you have nothing to worry about you get all the latest updates from tweak box and then best anti revoke protections so this is a cool little app that you have to install if you want to keep using tweak box.

So yeah after you have installed the anti revoked app you can go ahead and install your regular tweak box apps like Instagram++ or whatever it might be and your apps never gonna get revoked again so hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.

That’s all for today I hope now you don’t have any problem related to How To Fix Revoked TweakBox Apps ,If you are still facing this problem then feel free to comment down below in the comment section .Also you can like us on Facebook.There are some of the most popular fixes which you must read on howtofix .

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